birdhole, Goodbye Mordecai, TIMISAROCKER, and Butter Boys

WEDS. 2/15 7:30 PM. $10-$15. 18+.

Strap in for a night of hard-hitting punk rock with an outrageous lineup. Both coming out of the pandemic, birdhole and Goodbye Mordecai complement each other while separating themselves from the pack. birdhole is a pop punk trio featuring dueling vocalists. Goodbye Mordecai tips the scale to the indie-punk and ska side. Frontman Tim Dooley of TIMISAROCKER brings his powerful stage presence as a drag queen to his punk rock vocals, transforming this genre-transcending rock band into something more than a band. Round out the night with the Butter Boys—a blend of rock, pop, and punk–for a rockin’ night.