Bauhaus Haus Party

FRI. 9/2 5 PM. Free. 21+.

House parties: crowded, loud, you have to ask somebody for the address. Haus parties: great music, even better beer, no address request required! Stop by Northeast’s Bauhaus Brew Labs for an evening of music, food, and drink on their patio at the Haus Party. Graveyard Club, Rogue Valley, and a Songwriter’s Circle made up of Her Crooked Heart, Bathtub Cig, J.E. Sunde, and Lamar will grace the stage throughout the evening. Animales Barbeque Co, already a staple at Bauhaus, will be dishing out their incredible menu of meats all night long. And, of course, Bauhaus’ wide selection of beers will be available to enjoy. Grab your coolest friends and join the party!

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