Bands To Know


Tag: Idiomatic inspirations bridging folk, soul, R&B, and country with a constant ear toward issues of racial and social justice, and the shared human experience.

What: Undoubtedly poised to be the next made band in Minneapolis-St.Paul, the latest musical project by singer, songwriter, saxophonist, and composer Geoffrey Lamar Wilson delivers dreamy alt-Americana vibes with the melodic backing of a hip ensemble, both live and on the new album Flowers.

Where: 7/15 Turf Club w/ @ryangebhardt

8/4 Turf Club w/ @sunnywarmusic !!

8/15 @greenroommpls w/ @alina_maira


Zora Grey

Tag: Bringing Twin Cities grimy hip-hop/trap to the national stage

What: Following a pile of accolades in 2022—including as one of the 40 best new bands according to Stereogum and a profile in Fader—the trap artist recently came back hard on new thumping single ‘The Bitch is Back (press)’ that also includes the similarly hard and sexy Destiny Spike. 

Where: Recently at the Grrrl Scout pop-up Pride Party  


Loser Magnet

Tag: Like a marble countertop, heavy yet delicate; swirling spiral patterns onto a solid surface.

What: Garage guitar pop at its finest, Loser Magnet’s music incorporates shoegazesque leads with dynamic melodies that carry listeners along a gentle journey or escalating ride. 

Where: Recently among the many regular around-town bands celebrating the White Squirrel’s second birthday party. 


River Sinclaire

Tag: If you’ve been nostalgic for the perfect tumblr-era lofi garage-pop anthems “to keep the demons away”

What: Making music much bigger than their three- or four-piece would suggest, River Sinclaire’s songs combine low-end grunge crunch with driving melodies to create tunes with hooks and bigtime impact.    

Where: All over the small stages of MSP’s bars, including a hypnotic set at Palmer’s at the end of May and the Bart-a-Whirl showcase