Bands To Know

Our semi-regular roundup of don’t-miss musicians. Check it out.

Cult Vibes 

Tag: An arty, pandemic-born project from Dōjō Holliday, Matthew ‘Gravey’ Graves, Dillon Marchus, and Dave Power. 

What: One of the only bands instantly making audiences get up and dance—you know it’s true!—with their big band set-up that features multiple singers (including Niki Beverly of Bev, Carissa Coudray, and Emma Holliday), synth lines, spooky guitar sounds, and vibey bass lines. 

Where: Recent big gigs including opening for Mark Mallman at Icehouse and Gravey’s Birthday at Mortimer’s. 


Unstable Shapes

Tag: Noisy post-whatever from MPLS.

What: What do you get when a stand-up comedian with a love of nü-metal mixes it up with post-shoegaze players? Something unstable, yes, but also something engaging for fans of crescendoing guitars and cymbal smashes.  

Where: Recently spotted at Memory Lanes on May 8. 


Surly Grrly

Tag: DIY protest punk band (pictured above) of queerdos who like to have fun while loudly fucking the patriarchy

What: The pioneers of the Riot Grrl movement couldn’t be more proud. With loud riffs and screaming vocals about love, power, and calling Trump a scrotum, Surly Grrly have been grinding it out show after show at Twin Cities venues and getting better with each one. 

Where: Saturday, May 20, with the Aquadolls and Allergen at the Entry; May 25 with All the Pretty Horses, Silent Treatment, and Butter Boys at Turf Club


Colonel Mustard’s Mechanical Orchestra

Tag: Think Duke Ellington in an episode of Twin Peaks, the Jonny Quest theme played by Tom Waits, with some Ennio Morricone and Goran Bregovic thrown in. 

What: With all of the fun of a big brass band mixed up with the uniqueness of a regular ol’ night at Palmer’s, Colonel Mustard’s Mechanical Orchestra plays the inventive—at times shakin’ and at times speculatin’—music of Paul Fonfara.  

Where: 2nd Wednesdays, monthly at Palmer’s