ASI Midsommar Celebration

If your parents were hippies, you probably celebrated the longest day of the year by spending the day in nature and then returning home to carve cheese into moon shapes. If your parents weren’t hippies, maybe you just appreciated the extra playtime light. In any case, this whole time the Swedes have been doing it right, so here’s a chance to properly join in the merriment. The American Swedish Institute’s Midsommar event heralds the near-neverending day with maypole dancing, flower wreath-making, live music–including the return of Swedish folk quintet JAERV for the first time in five years–and general frolicking. They’ll have festive food and drink, singalongs, and other pop-up performances. It’s an all ages event, but advance registration is required. SAT. 10 AM – 4 PM. $15.

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