WIN MERCH: Red Eye Theater + Generic Minneapolis

What’s the most generic thing in Minneapolis and St. Paul? Just the question presents a field day for folks like DISPATCH readers.

Red Eye Co-Artistic Director Emily Gastineau, for her upcoming performance this weekend, Generic Minneapolis, asks what is the image of generic Minneapolis that comes into your head? “Is it Grain Belt? Is it ‘the lake”‘? May Day? Spoon and…don’t say niceness.” 

We’re asking, too. Got an answer for what’s generic here? Fill out the survey

To incentivize responses, we also got some very sweet merch to giveaway, including the mug pictured that’s black until filled with hot liquid and then it says ‘Generic’, which is great, or a totebag that says generic on one side and specific on the other. You could also win a $25 tap room gift card from the DISPATCH gift card pile. 

Thursday, March 24, 7 pm

Performance lecture by Emily Gastineau and comedy by Devohn Bland

Performance by Leila Awadallah, Terry Hempfling, Antonio Duke, and Tristan Koepke–with lighting by snem DeSellier and DJ Judith Shuǐ Xiān

Friday, March 25, 7 pm

Performance lecture by Emily Gastineau and lecture by George Hoagland

Performance by Alexandra Beaumont, Margaret Ogas, Sally Rousse, and aegor ray–with lighting by Søren Olsen and DJ Juleana Enright

Saturday, March 26, 7 pm

Performance lecture by Emily Gastineau and poetry by Moheb Soliman

Performance by Alys Ayumi Ogura, Krista Langberg, Theo Langason, and Emily Michaels King–with lighting by Kat Purcell and DJ Terry Hempfling

Generic Minneapolis is a research extravaganza, a collective brainstorm, a conceptual swap meet, a provocation. It greases the gears for the premiere of Emily Gastineau’s work Generic Specific in April 2022. Each night of Generic Minneapolis features a different grouping of thinkers: a poet, a comedian, an academic, an artist. And each night there will appear a generic evening-length work by rotating casts of performers, DJs, and lighting designers. The work is score-based and instantly activated, because if we are working with generic objects, then the material is already known and we can step directly into the performance. Minneapolis. We are ready.

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