Tommy Ryman Album Release

No one is more likable than Tommy Ryman. Whether he’s talking about his dogs, Legos or his hippy parents, audiences can’t help but fall in love with him from the first minute he’s on stage. After spending a few years out west, recording a very successful Dry Bar special and making the semi-finals of Last Comic Standing, Ryman is back home and ready to release his new album, Party Troll. To celebrate, he’s doing two big hometown shows at Sisyphus Brewing on May 6 and 7 alongside some of his favorite Minnesota comedians. The man is the human embodiment of serotonin on stage, and it is scientifically proven that no one leaves his shows in a bad mood. Come for the harrowing tales of hairless guinea pigs and fleeing L.A. during the pandemic, then stay to find out what cardigan he chooses to wear. FRI, 8 PM. $15.

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