Tim Slagle

He’s not for everyone, but that’s part of what makes Tim Slagle so much fun. For more than
40 years, Slagle has delighted, offended and challenged audiences with his unique brand of
politically-charged, older-demo ‘Murican comedy. While not an “official” Minnesotan,
Slagle has been performing at ACME since it’s infancy, and still holds the record for most
audience members walked (comedy-speak for when audience members walk themselves
out of a room mid-performance) in a single show. He has built and incredibly loyal local
fanbase, to the point that two of his fans had him reside over their wedding at Acme during
the club’s 20-year anniversary back in 2011. Each fall, Slagle brings his annual Crash & Burn show to town, where four headliners perform a brand-new set of material. For his April appearance, however, he will be solely in the spotlight and he has no shortage of new material. WEDS-SAT. —PS

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