Third Times a (Comedy) Charm

“We always get them packed in [Sisyphus],” she says. “Hopefully they’ll go crazy and laugh hard and it’ll be real fun.” 

words by Patrick Strait

Maggie Faris was ready to record her third album in March of 2020. And then, well, you know. Then, she was going to record this past January when COVID surged again. 

Hopefully the third time’s a charm. 

At long last, Faris will record her first new album since 2017 this month at Sisyphus Brewing. 

“I feel like after my last album, this one is all the good stuff between then and now,” Faris says. “There are a bunch of jokes that I haven’t been able to archive yet. But then I’ve kept writing good stuff, so I want that in there, too.” 

Faris, a 20-year veteran of the Twin Cities comedy scene, is no stranger to Sisyphus, which has hosted her annual Pride shows for the past several years, as well as her year-end East coast-style New Year’s Eve Shows. So when it came time to decide on a spot to record, the decision was easy. 

“We always get them packed in [Sisyphus],” she says. “Hopefully they’ll go crazy and laugh hard and it’ll be real fun.” 

While everyone knows what a killer she is on stage, this past year Faris also showed just how funny she can be on the internet. 

In the fall, she released a web series, Dyke It Yourself, where she offers terrible home renovation advice and lots of sexual harassment as the character, Hilary Klint. She’s also stumbled into this whole TikTok thing the kids keep talking about. 

“I’m really having fun on this stupid TikTok,” she laughs. “I’ve had some videos go viral on there and I’ve never had any traction like that before so I’m having fun. It’s funny being a 60-year-old lady on there with all the kids. It’s fun.” 

To capitalize on her new-found video success, Faris says the tapings will also be recorded and released as a video to go with the audio album. 

But social media stardom will have to wait this month, as Faris is solely focused on the new album and showcasing her growth as a comic. 

“I definitely think I’m maturing,” she explains. “I’m getting into a space where my jokes are so much more solid than they ever have been. To be able to perfect that formula of writing jokes and changing bits is exciting. This album is more of a linear story. I feel like my first two albums were more just chunks of jokes. This one is more of a narrative, more personal, and ties together in a nice little bow. I’m excited about it.” 

There isn’t a definitive timeline for when the new album will drop, but Faris isn’t going to sit back and rest on her laurels. 

“I’m back on the road, I’ve hit a few colleges,” she says. “I’m still shocked at how much I love doing it. I keep going because of how much fun it is to do.” 


Maggie Faris Album Recording
May 13 & 14
Sisyphus Brewing
7 PM, $20
Click here for tickets

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