Terror Nullius

When we assign character to a place, we risk simplifying it to a set of stereotypes. One of the places that frequently suffers from this myth-labeling is Australia—the country is often reduced to a one-dimensional desert backdrop for horror stories and man versus earth tropes. Soda_Jerk–New York-based artists and siblings Dan and Dominique Angeloro, who originally hail from Australia–are seeking to dismantle these notions. They specialize in film and documentary, and for this project, they took pirated clips to stitch together a defiance (or an “unwriting” as they term it) of the overtold myths. Look for moments from Mad Max, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and more in this film that was so controversial that the board of the trust that gave them funding tried to pull out of the project. FRI, 7 PM. $12.

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