Quick Q+A: Kitaku Maid & Butler Cafe

When the area’s anime and manga fans descend on the Hyatt for this weekend’s Anime Detour convention, they’ll have the chance to check out an authentic “maid cafe”, thanks to Kitaku Maid and Butler Cafe. Inspired by the original maid cafes in Akihabara, Tokyo, where servers in cartoon-style maid and butler outfits provide table service and songs, Kitaku is a family-friendly maid cafe based in Minnesota. To fill in non-anime fans, Kitaku’s Head Butler Honey gives us the background on the cafe ahead of the con.

DISPATCH: We 100% know what a Butler & Maid-style service is, but maybe for someone who doesn’t, how would you describe the experience?

Honey: At our events, guests have the opportunity to enjoy sweet treats while playing games and enjoying cute dance performances from our maids and butlers.

How excited are all the Maids and Butlers for Anime Detour? It seems like the absolute perfect setting for Kitaku Cafe with so many attendees excited to see you.

We were preparing for our Anime Detour debut in 2020 just as everything shut down, so we’re super excited to finally serve our biggest local con!

Is this mostly a convention activity? Outside of bigger events, is there a way for folks to check out Kitaku Cafe?

At the moment we are completely event-based, so if you’d like to see us at your local con, let them know! We are also active on our social media, providing maid cafe content throughout the year.

Speaking of social media, we’re big fans of the stylized photos on your inta.

“Cheki” is the Japanese word for a Polaroid photograph. At each of our events, guests are able to purchase a decorated cheki with their maid or butler as a souvenir of their visit!

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