Inhabitants by Areca Roe

Inhabitants centers around the interface between ecological and human domains. Roe will weave together three bodies of work, using large-scale photographic prints, lenticular (3D) photographs, and video to explore how we try to forge a relationship with nature while acknowledging our limitations in pursuit of those connections. Also at SooVAC, so you can see it at the same reception as Bryant Ave. Opening reception, SAT, 6-9 PM. Free.

And while you’re at SooVAC, you also get to see this great exhibition, too:

You Are Walking Down Bryant Avenue by Dietrich Sieling

You Are Walking Down Bryant Avenue by Dietrich Sieling takes SooVAC attendees on a journey through the past two years of the pandemic. His drawings are meticulous renderings of encounters and moments in Sieling’s life, a world expressed in bold colors and lines that vibrate with energy. Sieling’s work can be found in numerous private collections and has been featured in SooVAC’s series, Collect Call, an exhibition of selected works from local collectors. In addition to his solo exhibition at SooVAC, Sieling also has an upcoming exhibition at Lagoon New York in Brooklyn—catch him before he goes coastal. Open reception SAT, 6-9 PM. Free.

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