House of Comedy Funniest Person with a Day Job Finals

Every aspiring comedian dreams of the day they make the big bucks telling jokes, and can quit their mind-numbing day jobs. While it may not be quite that lucrative, this month one very funny person will earn $1,000 and the title of Funniest Person with a Day Job. The annual House of Comedy competition has been running for the past several months, and they’ve managed to narrow it down to the very best. Past winners have included folks like Moe Yaqub, Rana May and Andrew Schingen, who have been able to parlay their new-found fame and fortune into a booming comedy career (or at least get stage time at the State Fair). The show will also feature celebrity judges and a special guest host, making it the most star-studded event happening at the Mall of America on a Monday night all month. TUES. 7:30 PM. $15.

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