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‘Pop Song 2 & 1’ – Velvet Negroni 

Singles, released Nov 8, 2022

Following national recognition of his album, NEON GREEN, Velvet Negroni is back with new releases ‘Pop Song 2 & 1.’ With elements of pop blending between both songs, they also include influences of soulful R&B, hip hop, and electronica. The two tracks, in addition to a third single, ‘Sinker,’ indicate an experimental pop approach to Velvet Negroni’s new full-length album, Bulli, lined up for release on January 13.

‘Tomorrow’ – Kate Malanaphy

Single, released Nov 11, 2022

In her most recent single, singer-songwriter Kate Malanaphy explores a bright and full sound to complement her tenderhearted poetry. ‘Tomorrow’ begins with an arrangement of cymbals and strings that pull you into Malanaphy’s storytelling. The song is accompanied by a music video that takes place in a digital universe. The video-game-style visuals contrast the instrumentals and build a new world to experience the song’s story.

‘It’s Not Serious’ – Mike Kota 

Single, released Nov 11, 2022

‘It’s Not Serious’ is the latest single from songwriter and multidisciplinary artist, Mike Kota. While being one-fourth of the indie pop group, Good Luck Finding Iris, Kota has also dedicated time to developing her sound as a solo artist. Her latest self-recorded and -produced song dives into a serene soundscape of reflection and heartbreak. Kota’s layered vocals drift between harmonies and mirror the gentle tone of her guitar. Mike Kota has also been named one of First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2022 and is set to perform at the Mainroom January 20.