Fizzy Lifting Drinks

THC-laced seltzers maybe deliver what Wonka had in mind, after all.



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Since the change in legislation last year, the Twin Cities have seen a waterfall of hemp-derived THC seltzers and sodas flood the market. While DISPATCH editors haven’t tried them all, here are some favorites we’ve found, whether you’re looking to hit a creative streak, relax after the work day, or zone out to your favorite sci-fi flicks. 

Bauhaus Tetra

Bauhaus offers up a very drinkable seltzer in Lemon-Lime and Grapefruit flavors, with occasional limited flavors like the recent Raspberry Ginger. The twist with Tetra is that along with the 5mg of hemp-derived THC, you’re also getting 15mg of CBD in a 12 oz. can.

Venn Brewing Paloma

Venn Brewing’s Paloma takes three simple flavors—grapefruit, lime, and sea salt—and executes on them well enough to want an entire tallboy of it—not an easy feat with ‘weed water.’

Modist Melt

Modist offers two varieties of 10mg 16oz. tallboys in their Melt series: Blood Orange Raspberry Vanilla and Ginger Lemon Lime. These do have cane sugar among the ingredients, but they aren’t overly sweet and one of them should, in their words, let you “melt into your couch and let your creativity shine!”


Lupulin Brewing’s Smazey line of seltzers packs the biggest punch on this list at 12mg per 16 oz. tallboy. They have developed adventurous flavors such as Prickly Pear Key Lime and Passion Fruit Strawberry Watermelon, as well as a standard Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade.


Happi comes in six flavors, with the Blood Orange and Ginger “Glow” variety standing out. It comes with a cannabinoid blend of 5mg THC, 5mg CBD, 3mg CBG, and 2mg CBN for a wide-spectrum experience. Only 30 calories, with 7g of sugar, this seltzer is gluten-free and made with all organic fruit.


“Lose your worries. Not your wits.” 

Clarity offers three flavors of MN-sourced hemp seltzers at a 5mg strength (Blue Razzberry, Mango, Black Cherry) and two at 10mg (Pink Lemonade and Tangerine). Very smooth and flavorful. These retail in four packs of 12 oz. cans. 

Trail Magic Margarita

Most likely due to the parentage of the craft brewing industry, many THC beverages advertise a bold combination of flavors—bloody ginger pineapple lemongrass etc.—but either underdeliver or lean on sugar to make the beverages palatable. Such is not the case with the pitch-perfect Margarita from Trail Magic. Tasting like an actual smooth margarita, the Trail Magic delivers an enjoyable drink for THC fans. Pro Tip: Follow up the Margs with their Arnie Palmer Half-and-Half. 


Indeed was ready to go last summer with their Two Good sparkling seltzer. The mild-mannered Lavender Lemon beverage sped out of the gate as one of the first available drinks in Minnesota. With 2mg each of full-spectrum THC and CBD, the Two Good is a great summer option for someone just starting out in the vast landscape of cannabis beverages, or if you’re not looking to get too loopy. 


The slim-canned, vowel-averse THC seltzers from BLNCD come in three flavors: Strawberry Ginger, Yuzu Ginger, and Blood Orange Cardamom, all of which contain 5mg of Delta 9. The all-woman owned and operated company also makes a number of CBD sparkling waters, among other products.

Surly’s Take Five 

One of the most straightforward seltzers on the market, Take Five comes in Mixed Berry and Lime flavors (think the classic “lime and club soda” move). A mild 5mg beverage in a 12 oz. can with no sugar, these come in a four-pack at stores. Surly also recently introduced their THC Tea Lemonade (5mg in a 16 oz. can), a refreshing Arnold Palmer option for the summer. 

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