Dua Saleh with Ricki Monique

An artist who only began recording music two years ago isn’t supposed to sing with such infectious bravado and haunting gloom—yet to say Dua Saleh, grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota’s Rondo neighborhood, has arrived fully-formed on their first-ever EP project titled Nūr – (pronounced “noor” – meaning “the light” in Arabic). It’s Dua Saleh’s fluidity—of sound, of form, of self-presentation—that makes them so enlivening. Their vocal range is elastic, floating from an elegant purr into an unvarnished, guttural growl, and then back again at a moment’s notice. Their writing can be dreamy, but more often plumbs the soul, pricking deep with a poet’s precision and showing the scars that remain. A real treat to catch at the Fine Line with opener Ricki Monique. FRI, 9 PM. $20-35.

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