DISPATCH and Rotoscope Recordings present SYM1 + DIVAJ + scraps: Triple Ep Release Party

DISPATCH is thrilled to present an incredible show from three up-and-coming pop artists from Minneapolis-St. Paul. SYM1, DIVAJ, and scraps will together release their new EPs in the 7th St Entry on May 26th.

Unsubscribed from reality as we know it, SYM1 (formerly Symone Smash It) is a vocalist, producer, and performer using electro-pop and futuristic Y2k aesthetics to inspire a renaissance of the rave culture of the early 2000s.

Twin Cities-based live performer, writer, and recording artist, DIVAJ always has the heart and the art to keep the world wondering what they are going to do next. Their works – in all forms – are highly accessible and are gaining increasing attention on the international stage. Join them on their journey as they break through norms both sonically, and culturally. Welcome to the Throne Room.

A salacious entertainer, pop-star, and songwriter, scraps is pushing the boundaries to normalize pleasure as a form of human expression through music that meets at the apex of dance and brat pop. scraps writes about love, mental health, self-improvement, and feeling good.

THURS, 8 PM. $15. 18+.

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