Carmen Lynch

Remember when we couldn’t go anywhere and we were all stuck just looking at our phones
all day? Well, chances are pretty good that during that time you stumbled across a very tall,
very funny comic named Carmen Lynch. She was able to turn her hilarious onstage
material into hilarious TikTok bits, which brought her comedy to an even greater audience
during the pandemic. This week, she’s off the tiny screen and in person at ACME. Between
her appearances on Conan, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show
with Jimmy Fallon, as well as her acting gigs on the recent Amy Schumer hit, Life and Beth,
Lynch is a show-stealing presence in every aspect of her career. While her life, career and
comedy have all evolved over time, her disarmingly sharp sarcasm (and height) remain the
same. WEDS-SAT. $18-22.

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