Art-a-Whirl: Tap Room + Bar Parties

Let’s make sure it’s said: Art-a-Whirl is a chance to celebrate the art made by the artists in the Northeast Arts District. So with all your whirl’in, make sure you save some cash to buy a print or painting from someone. You’ll be glad you did. Unless specified otherwise, the open studios run from Friday 5-10 PM, Saturday Noon-8 PM, Sunday Noon-5 PM. 

But, also, realistically, Art-a-Whirl has also grown into one of the biggest arts and culture festivals in Minneapolis. It spans multiple buildings, many tap rooms, automotive shops, backyards and bars. It’s a weekend of parties—The 331 Club has The Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash coming in for it, for crying out loud. As we usually do, here’s just a small number of arts selections for both new visitors and Northeast regulars to check out, but also some of the bigger and cooler parties happening, too.  

To add to the excitement, we have a special announcement: Come see our old-timey newsstand at Solar Arts and grab a special copy of DISPATCH from one of our newsies shouting out the day’s Arts & Culture headlines. See you there! 

The Liquid Zoo 2022 at Bauhaus Brew Labs
Ok you party animals, here they are, the parties. An Art-A-Whirl staple, Bauhaus welcomes a herd of live music, food trucks and crafty vendors for all-weekend nonstop dancing and merriment. Friday’s stage includes McNasty Brass Band, The Alarmists (playing for the first time in over a decade!) and Bauhaus staple Viva Knievel. Saturday’s lineup features no less than seven acts including local faces Jaedyn James and headliner Mae Simpson. Sunday is Craft Market Day, so you know what to expect—with an extra addition of barber Manny providing real-time beard trims. Parlour and BBQ brilliants Brasa and Animales scored the food truck residency. No pets at this one folks; get a sitter for those fur babies. All weekend

Whirlygig 2022
If you haven’t already started planning your Art-a-While itinerary, time to get cracking! Indeed is coaxing a crowd with its signature spring event, which includes a lineup of local music and local vittles from the likes of Aki’s Pretzels, Revival, Red Cow and more. This year’s show includes fifteen acts across the three days, ranging from the illustrious Kiss the Tiger and Gully Boys to First Ave Best New Band of 2021 candidates Papa Mbye and VIAL. Sunday caps off with a performance and drag show from the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. Indeed has promised to release summer seasonal faves and a few newcomers. And perhaps the biggest highlight—you can watch the man behind Indeed’s zany can art, Chuck U, drawing live at the taproom. All weekend

Art-a-Whirl Weekend at the 331club + The Sheridan Room
Don’t want to even pretend about art and just want to go to a huge block party with music, drinks, and dancing? The 331 Club goes as big with music as they can for the entire weekend—Friday is all cover bands, Saturday runs local music all day (Sam Cassidy, The Nunnery, Stranger Gallery, Jillian Rae) until the Sugarhill Gang and Mele Mel & Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, and then on Sunday there’s another full afternoon of Minneapolis + St. Paul music (Venus DeMars & All the Pretty Horses doing an acoustic set as a highlight). All weekend.

MUSIC FOR THE MASSES: A Depeche Mode Tribute Night
Enjoy the silence—and the breweries—some other time. If your feet still function after a day or two of walking around to the hundreds of open studios and outdoor parking lot stages, head upstairs to the PNA Hall for a dance night tribute to electronic dance pioneers Depeche Mode. The folks behind the Dark Energy and DIE/ASPORA nights take over the hall for a mix of the band’s hits and deeper cuts, plus All VHS Depeche Mode visuals during the evening. SAT, 8 PM. $8.

Party at the Edge of The Whirl
Back to beer: Falling Knife Brewing and Ombibulous MN team up on East Hennepin for a slightly chiller party vibe. Along with their big selection of craft beer in the Ombibulous fridges and also tap beers from Falling Knife on tap (yes you can drink beer at this liquor store party), the Edge of Whirl will also have tunes and—and here’s the real catch—an appearance by none other than Crybaby Craig himself! All weekend.

Crush-a-Whirl 2022 by Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive
Special art event displays and events is really what Art-a-Whirl is all about, and thank goodness for repair shop Turbo Tim’s for doing the standard music and drinks, but also more importantly . . . Tarot card readings! Chair Massages!! A monster-truck style car crush!!! The latter being truly an expression of art. All weekend

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