Accordo with Silent Film

Acclaimed string assemble Accordo is giving some classic films from the silent era new
accompaniment. The renowned Ordway Center will host the ensemble featuring present and
former players of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra for a unique
theatrical experience. The films featured will be Cupid in Quarantine with a new score by
Stephen Prutsman that will be performed by Prutsman and Steven Copes, Gertie’s Kiss
featuring new music by Michi Wiancko, and Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances featuring a new
score by Prutsman. Other performers include Maiya Papach on viola, Tony Ross on cello, Kate
Nettleman on bass, and Alicia McQuerrey on flute and piccolo. TUES, 7:30 PM. $28-33.

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