A Real Guitar Hero: Wyatt Overman

One reason why Minneapolis-St. Paul guitar slingers sound so good, Wyatt Overman and his signature bird logo are crafting his new nest. 

“Sorry, let me clean that quick.” Wyatt Overman quickly grabs a paper towel and window cleaner to clear up the glass panes on the door to his new work studio. 

Overman’s attention to detail seemingly has no on/off switch. The guitar-smith that many notable six-stringers trust to take regular detailed care of their guitars has recently moved into a new workshop studio space in the Vandalia Tower, one large enough to house his growing workload . . . when he’s in town. 

Along with keeping up and repairing instruments for the many musicians who fill up hometown stages of all sizes—everyone from Bad Bad Hats to Dave Simonett to Faith Boblett to The Cactus Blossoms—and even building from scratch some custom guitars, Overman occasionally also takes his skills on tour. Southern rocker Grace Potter (who holds the distinction of being a tour opener for noteworthy band The Rolling Stones) is hoping he can join her for another round of shows. “I might be getting too old for the road,” he says with his characteristic soft-spoken voice and boyish smile. “It’s not good for your body, it’s hard!” 

There’s also plenty to do to finish up the transition into Overman’s new professional home. He still needs to build out a loft for all the incoming inventory, stock his mini-fridge, and maybe most importantly hang the signature Gibson Flying V that Potter gifted to him for his service.

To know: overmanguitars.com

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