A Big Visual Arts Weekend

As if all the block parties, live music, film series—even live podcasts—happening this weekend weren’t enough, there’s also almost too many really good opening receptions for visual art. Here’s what should be on your radar.

Change is God-Take Root Among the Stars:Black Abstraction in the Midwest
See, this is why SooVAC is one of the best art centers in the entire country. While the world has changed dramatically in the past few years due to the pandemic and murder of George Floyd, the bold north was particularly affected. Curator Gregory J. Rose invited Black artists from across the region to show new approaches from Black abstractionists, and welcome them back home. He aims to show how the abstract is changing through the lens of the Black experience, and pieces that will show what’s happening at this moment in time. The opening reception takes place Saturday, but the exhibit will be on display until the end of July. Pictured: Spit You Off a Mountain, Shoved in Their Mouth, and Swallowing the Stone by Marcus
SAT. 7-10 PM.

Art Is For Everyone // Gamut Gallery celebrates a decade of Art and Community
In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Gamut Gallery’s first exhibition of the summer pays tribute to their mission statement: “We believe that art fosters community, and everyone should have access to becoming a collector!” Curated by Cassie Garner, the gallery invited 10 collectors to lend the piece that first drew them into the world of art. The 10 year anniversary party will be in full swing this weekend, but the exhibit will be on display until July 9. SAT. 4 PM. $15-20.

3 Volumes
Getting tired and frustrated with the capitalist dystopia that surrounds us? You’re not alone! Curated by Priscilla Briggs, the 3 VOLUMES art exhibit finds its way to Rosalux Gallery. Eighteen artists from Minneapolis to India will showcase their photo-based drawings and imagery that were inspired by consumerism, social justice, environmentalism, and more. Their work will also appear in the zine series Dollars and Sense. The set of zines, 3 VOLUMES, will be released alongside the exhibit, and 20 percent of sales will go to the organization, Honor the Earth Water Protectors. Catch the exhibit until June 16. SAT. 7 PM. Free.

Reception: Artistic Lichens by Julie Snidle
Anyone who’s walked along the North Shore or the American coasts should be familiar with the brightly colored lichen on the rocks. Inspired by the beauty of Xanthoria parietina, Julie Snidle created a series of paintings for Kolman & Reeb Gallery’s Project Space exhibition, which she calls Artistic Lichens. She hopes that the art can provide education on the biology of lichens, as well as the encaustic art process. SAT. 7-9 PM.

Riverside Invitational: Toussaint Morrison • Carnage • Damascus • Rob-1
Art, community, soul and more come together at the Riverside Invitational at Palmer’s Bar. Toussaint Morrison headlines the evening, fresh off of releasing his adolescent angst-inspired album Social Science Club. Human beatboxer and rapper Carnage The Executioner follows with his famously exciting shows. Local artist Rob-1 finished off the night. SAT. 7-10 PM. $20.

Hearkening #2 @ Dreamsong
Experience art in a whole new way. Hosted by the art gallery Dreamsong, the Hearkening series combines short films with live musical performances. The term ‘hearkening’ refers to Lawrence Kramer’s description of listening that transforms not just the listener, but the sounding object as well. The second installment in the program features the films Euphoria Physics by Andreas Bunte and Stefan Panhans and Ghost Cut: Some Clear Pixels Amongst Many Black Boxes by Aarti Sunder, and will have improvised music from Douglas Kearney, Dameun Strange and Luke Martin. SAT. 7 PM. $10.

Holding Pattern
From the mind and hands of Samael Leopold-Sullivan comes Holding Pattern, the artist/maker’s solo art show at Squirrel Haus Arts. They aim to use their art to inspire viewers to reflect inwards and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. The industrial nature of the venue provides a space perfect for Leopold-Sullivan’s art which ranges from houses standing atop eight legs (a house spider, if you will) to beautiful glass vessels to large latex tentacles that cast shadows upon the walls behind them. Come see what Holding Pattern has in store. FRI-SAT. 10 AM-4 PM.

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