Never doubt what a small group of committed citizens can do—like volunteer to put on the fourth annual Pride celebration in West St. Paul. The celebration—which features awe-inspiring circus acts, kids’ activities, dancing, yard games, a silent auction, and free food, has exponentially grown every year, becoming a legit draw.

Krista Burton’s new book, Moby Dyke, explores: Where are the remaining lesbian bars—and what does it mean when lesbian bars disappear?  WORDS BY KATIE DOHMAN  “Honestly, there is nothing like being a room full of people where you feel safe and completely comfortable to be your authentic self—and those spaces

Somehow it has been a decade since the historic fight for same-sex marriage rights in Minnesota resulted in the legalization of love for all. How Love Won examines the divisive issue and the efforts it took to bring the conversation about gay marriage out into the light. The 2016 MSPIFF

Each month at The Market at Malcolm Yards, a local bartender is paired with a local person of note to create a craft cocktail for that month, as well as raise money for a charity of their choice. This month’s Pride Edition brings Dan Oskey behind the bar along with