Not all heroes wear capes. Take, for instance, Jordan Erickson, an intrepid movie-goer, smartly spent a big chunk of his summer at the cinema to fill up all of his punchcard for the Trylon’s massive Nic Cage: National Treasure series. DISPATCH checks in with Erickson after his envious achievement. DISPATCH:

In the three decades that he’s been playing parties all over the world, Mark Farina has solidified himself in the world of Dance Music as a trailblazing DJ, Producer, tastemaker, and bona fide House Music icon. He was not only a House Music pioneer in the late 80’s, but Farina

Pick a card, any card—but maybe set down your beer first. One of the most fun nights of taproom entertainment throughout the entire year, Magic at Modist returns on Thursday with some of the Twin Cities’ best magicians performing tricks up close and on stage. To share some background on

Well, this is a lot of talent squeezed into one night. For Friday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Takeover, seven punk and rock bands commandeer the Hook and Ladder for loud ‘n’ proud performances throughout the night in all three of the theater’s performance spaces. New music from Fret Rattles! Fast and

Along with the holidays already being a dark time for many people (literally and figuratively), and with so many shows being postponed at this typically robust holiday time for our Arts & Culture scene, we thought we better connect with Mari Navarro (they/them) aka DJ Q, the creator of dark

“I’ve had a few other comics, including Dave Chappelle, who have called me an NPR nerd, which I take as a compliment,” he says.  Like a lot of people, comedian Alonzo Bodden decided to get a pandemic puppy. Two years later, and he now has a full-grown Great Dane named

Along with the excellent Arab Film Festival, Mizna hosts other screenings at the Trylon—like the absolutely epic Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel documentary that continues THIS WEDNESDAY with part three, The North. We check in with DISPATCH: How much will this film series change our entire worldview, especially on Palestine?

A mainstay on the Minneapolis-St. Paul music scene since the early 80’s, Ollie Stench has previously co-hosted the punk rock show Radio Riot on KFAI and performed in bands such as The Hostages, Ed Gein Fan Club, and minimal synth pop band The Trapezoids. Stench is also one of the main driving forces behind this

Reverend Matt—once called a combination of David Attenborough and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in MPR—played by local comedian Matthew Kessen, is the star of the long-running Reverend Matt’s Monster Science (‘part science, part comedy, all monsters’), a multimedia series of deep studies of the lore of monsters, infused with