Reverend Matt—once called a combination of David Attenborough and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in MPR—played by local comedian Matthew Kessen, is the star of the long-running Reverend Matt’s Monster Science (‘part science, part comedy, all monsters’), a multimedia series of deep studies of the lore of monsters, infused with

We highly recommend this one: Set in the ornate ballroom of the Turnblad Mansion at the American Swedish Institute, Thermal is a multidisciplinary installation of form, movement, and sound centered on Earth’s changing environment. A sprawling sculptural paper artwork by artist Kim Heidkamp spills from the ballroom stage across the floor like

It’s been a long year for arts organizations, but many of the intrepid creatives that drive our Arts & Culture scene haven’t just been sitting at home in their comfy pants spending all their time . Case in point: The newish leadership of the Red Eye theater, one of the best performance