Our fearless columnist issues a warning: Don’t let your musical receptors default to Get Off My Lawn status. WORDS BY MARY LUCIA ••• Every few months an old thread gets dragged around the socials concerning the lack of exciting new music to be found. Which sparks the preamble of “I

By Sanaphay Rattanavong Mizna’s 16th annual Twin Cities Arab Film Festival’s (TCAFF) theme is “Life in Diaspora.” While the diaspora is something always central to SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African, a term emphasizing the geographical regions’ diversity over against colonial homogenization) artists, it’s emerged as a top theme for

Do you have a burning, juicy, or top-secret question? Send it to foxfoxerson@dispatchmsp.com to get the help that you need. Dear Fox Foxerson, My boyfriend and I have been living together for 23 years. I love him, but we’ve been living in separate rooms for the last 10 years and

“I used to be a lot cleaner and a lot nicer,” says Bryan Miller. One of the very best Twin Cities comics of the past decade is recording his very first solo album this weekend at Acme, and he’s not holding back. Despite having a Dry Bar Comedy special that

By Mary Lucia  This move has never felt like an ending, though. I’ve always been a good friend to Rock and Roll, and in turn, it has always been there for me. Hey Ho Let’s Go! Last April, after 28 years working in the cock-a-doodle-dude world of radio, I took

Not all heroes wear capes. Take, for instance, Jordan Erickson, an intrepid movie-goer, smartly spent a big chunk of his summer at the cinema to fill up all of his punchcard for the Trylon’s massive Nic Cage: National Treasure series. DISPATCH checks in with Erickson after his envious achievement. DISPATCH:

WORDS by Patrick Strait Well, he survived. Two weeks, DISPATCH talked with comedian Alex Jaffe who was preparing to perform at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Ohio. If you missed it, click here to read it now. As the first-ever Minnesota comedian to perform at the Gathering, Jaffe

By Katie Dohman It’s 10 a.m. mountain time and frontwoman for the six-piece band Seratones, AJ Haynes, is in her hotel room in Denver, eating breakfast. She just played a fundraiser the night before as a stop on her band, the Seratones’ tour in support of their latest disco- and

WORDS BY Erica Skarohlid•••In preparation for the first Play Reading Festival at Six Points Theater last spring, festival director Robert Dorfman read more than 40 different plays to select three that were then presented virtually in March of 2022. Groupthink, by Mathew Goldstein, was one of them. Now, starting August