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Artist’s Talk: Harriet Bart in Conversation with Nor Hall

SUN. 10/9 5 PM. Free //Join NewStudio Gallery for the public opening of Harriet Bart’s new exhibition…

Black Midi

SUN. 10/9 8:30 PM. $25. 18+ // Head down to First Avenue to check out Pitchfork Music darlings…

Ballet Co.Laboratory Dirty Dancing

SAT. 10/8 4-7 PM. $65-150 // Not ready to let go of summer quite just yet? Revisit the story of…

Cozy, Featuring New Works By Terrence Payne In October

SAT. 10/8 7 PM. Free // Minnesota artist Terrence Payne’s newest exhibition explores feeling safe…

Armin van Buuren – LIVE

SAT. 10/8 $45+. 18+ // Trance music. Progressive and electro house. Dance-pop. Armin van Buuren will…

SCREAM QUEENS this October!

SAT. 10/8 Various times. $8. All ages // While it’s often called out as a genre full of misogyny, horror…

5K to 10K run at Pyres

SAT. 10/8 11 AM. $30. 21+ // Twin Cities Marathon: stupid long, tiring, only get a dumb medal as a prize.

Bloody Mary Festival

SAT. 10/8 10:30 AM. $52-63. 21+ // Celebrate your favorite hangover cure at the Bloody Mary…

Broken Social Scene with Poliça

SAT. 10/8 8 PM. $35-55. 18+ // What a delightful pairing this is: Toronto-based Broken Social Scene…

365 Days of Incidents: Birthday Version 3.0

SAT. 10/8 1-10 PM. Free. All ages // Falling Knife is past the terrible twos and everyone’s invited…


SAT. 10/8 11 AM-11PM. Free. All ages // In 2022, Surly vowed it would suspend the annual tribute to…

Gimme Gimme Disco

FRI. 10/7 9 PM. $15. 18+ // Disco balls. ABBA. Bell bottom pants. Do we even need to describe this…


Reports on Arts & Culture

We Are Working All the Time!

What do you call an exhibition of an artist’s lifelong works when they’re still in the throes of their career?

Bryan Miller’s Album Recording at Acme

“I used to be a lot cleaner and a lot nicer,” says Bryan Miller. One

The Forgotten History of Minnehaha Falls

Dive into the world of carnival barkers and liquor bottles with Karen E. Cooper’s new history book.

A Decade of Dark & Stormy

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Dark and Stormy Productions, led by Artistic Director Sara Marsh…

Popular Creeps: Re-Introducing …

By Mary Lucia  This move has never felt like an ending, though. I’ve always been

Quick Q+A: Jordan Erickson Watched All of the Summer of Cage at the Trylon

Not all heroes wear capes. Take, for instance, Jordan Erickson, an intrepid movie-goer, smartly spent

Jodi Reeb + Emergence

New role, new artistic style, new grant, new exhibition: Jodi Reeb has a lot to talk about.

Mae Simpson Band says ‘Goodbye’ before communing with the crowd at Hook & Ladder and State Fair this month

WORDS BY Isabelle Wattenberg•••Mae Simpson is a band leader, singer, and lyricist—but there’s no question

Groupthink: Six Points Theater

WORDS BY Erica Skarohlid•••In preparation for the first Play Reading Festival at Six Points Theater


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